Lost as to the purpose of IPFS without authentication

While already impressive in terms of speed and ease of use i am lost to the purpose of IPFS.

If it is to offer files for fast delivery across the world, congratulations. I think of it as a much better bittorrent then which it really is already. Please advocate with major browsers to offer it as a default.

Unsurprisingly, event today, I do not see any documented approach to offering authenticated content. Assuming encrypted volumes will bring adequate authentication to the table is not exactly how people would expect authentication to work. I would prefer people to simply not know a file is even accessible.

I look forward to a way of isolating and sharing data, which i do not think of as a simple feat to attain. I’d like to learn more about how IPFS is addressing this functionality without creating notable botllenecks.

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Sounds somewhat alarming.
Does the lack of authenticated content enable attacks ?
Or is this more a data management thing ?

Most of that was well above my paygrade, but I’m interested as a journalist in hearing about potential flaws, and how they are responded to. I’m treating this forum as private, and off-the-record, unless permissions given.