My app IPFS + orbit, agora a p2p social network

Hello, I am a junior dev.
That’s my first attempt with ipfs and orbit db.

If you want to try the app, please visit this link

It’s a p2p twitter like network based on orbit db. It kind of works … There are bugs, I just wanted to try a deploy to understand how bad it was

It kind of works

If you are interested in the project I would be happy to discuss it with you …

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Very cool! I wasn’t able to write, but the content loaded. I could see from the console log in the web browser that the app started up a node and was trying to connect to the database.

I’m also working on an a couple IPFS + OrbitDB projects. I love for you to check them out:

I’m actually part of an international community of blockchain and web3 devs called the Permissionless Software Foundation. I’d love for you to join us! Your skills would be appreciated, and you could learn a lot too. Come say ‘Hi’ on our Telegram channel.

We’ve got several Spanish speaking members, including two active devs in Venezuela.