Need file paths on cluster after pinning the associated file hashes

when I type the below command
ipfs-cluster-ctl pin add --replication 1 --allocations <PeerId1> <fileHash>

The hash gets pinned on to the PeerId1 node. Is there any way on how I can associate the file name to that hash, so that we are able to query something like
ipfs files ls --long (on PeerId1).

We can use the metadata tag to store the file name for that hash that we are pinning, but is there any ipfs/ipfs-cluster functionality on how we can achieve that.

Thank you.

Cluster does not interact with MFS so items pinned with cluster do not get added to MFS by cluster. You’d need to do that manually.

ipfs-cluster-ctl pin add takes a --name flag too, which can be used to store a name for the pin, but only visible to cluster, not to ipfs.

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