News : torrent paradise use IPFS

Hello all,

i see that in developper’s newpaper in france : Torrent Paradise Creates Decentralized 'Pirate Bay' With IPFS * TorrentFreak that’s english source.

What do you think about that ?


Fills my heart with joy to hear this. Especially after what they’re doing to the internet in Europe under the pretext of fighting piracy (Article11 / Article13 / ACTA2) I’m eagerly looking at the censorship resistance capabilities of various tools, IPFS being at the top as its design is my favorite of all. I hope the new site is here to stay and everything goes well for them.

You should keep in mind that the IPFS will make it way easier for rightsholders to block content, simply because the system is directly addressing content by hash, not addressing paths. Just put a hash on a global or national or EU or corporate blocklist, and bang, that file (or IPFS website) will not be available anymore. The individual user will probably still be able to deactivate any of those blocklists in his local node, but that could become more difficult, if at some point the IPFS will be integrated into web browsers and maybe even operating systems.