No Private IP in addresses for IPFS node

I’m trying to make two nodes use each other for bootstraping. My instances are running on GCP, and they have private IP with one-to-one NAT. It looks like this

	"Addresses": [

As result, I can’t connect to this node using private ips (f.e. How can I add private IPs to go-ipfs?

To use only your own bootstrap nodes.

  1. Remove preconfigured bootstrap nodes
ipfs bootstrap rm --all
  1. Add your nodes to the bootstrap list
ipfs bootstrap add /ip4/other.node.ip.address/tcp/4001/p2p/other_nodeID
ipfs bootstrap add /ip4/other.node.ip.address/udp/4001/quic/p2p/other_nodeID

Of course, use the swarm ports you configured for your nodes if different.