Not able to create an Instance of IPFS in nodejs


I am new learner to IPFS so I have already installed IPFS. in my sample project I am trying to create an instance of ipfs in nodejs but not able to work.

below is my code where I am stucking

const IPFS = require(‘ipfs’)

const node = new IPFS()

node.on(‘ready’, async () => {
const version = await node.version()

console.log(‘Version:’, version.version)

const filesAdded = await node.add({
path: ‘hello.txt’,
content: Buffer.from(‘Hello World 101’)

console.log(‘Added file:’, filesAdded[0].path, filesAdded[0].hash)

const fileBuffer = await[0].hash)

console.log(‘Added file contents:’, fileBuffer.toString())

After executing this code in nodejs. I am getting an error : Error: Cannot find module ‘ipfs’. Please provide me some assistance.