P2P Network/Dynamic IPFS


I’m trying to develop a dynamic structure and a browser on top of IPFS in order to make dynamic website hosting with IPFS a thing, and I have been purging through every single possible network module/protocl for p2p I could find. The one I spent the most time on was libp2p, the Go code seems to be complete and the people on that repo are very nice and responsive but their documentation and demos are really incomplete. I’m trying to accomplish a couple of things: Content Routing, Discovery, Multicasting, and all of it through Nats and across networks, and I seems to find each of them individually here and there with very basic explanations but not together. I know how to do the non-network side of it, the structure of the network, and the computational work for it but can’t get the network side right.
Can anyone help me with that?
Thank you

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