Pin 16000 files

I have 16000 files I need to upload to IPFS and I was reading that Pinata api has a limit of 30 pins per minute so in this case I would need 9 hours to upload all my files.

Can you give me a suggestion on how to do this faster? Thank you in advance.

First you can try or (note I work for the same company making them, so bias, …).

Secondly, just make a folder. You can use a local ipfs node or a tool like GitHub - ipld/go-car: A content addressible archive utility to create a single .car file (archive of IPLD blocks) that contains a folder containing the 16000 files.

Hi Jorropo, thanks for you answer!
I would like to know a few suggestions about NFT file storage on ipfs.
What would the workflow be if I upload a folder on ipfs instead of single files? I mean: I’m uploading every file in ipfs using a script I created using the pinata node sdk.
Then I save the cids of the images (8888 files) and populate the json files with the “image” field with the CID of the image I’ve just gotten.
After all this I save in a json file an array with the fields “nameOfNFT, cidOfJson” so that I can query ipfs from my website and retrieve informations on the NFT.
Is this the correct way to do this kind of work?
A client asked me for a website where people could mint up to 9000 NFTs and given that this is my first time on NFT thing I was wondering if this is right or not.
Thank you very much for your help, I really appreciate it and I wish you a happy evening