Pinning existing data already on IPFS using decentralised storage network

More of an newbie question, understanding that IPFS and filecoin are different networks (you can access data on filecoin via ipfs gateway unless same data exists on both network via tools like estuary or, are there any solutions or protocol that does decentralized pinning service for IPFS like pinata but decentralised?

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I don’t believe I’ve seen a decentralized pinning service like Pinata but decentralized (Filecoin is the closest thing that comes to mind). What does such a service look like do you think? I assume anyone can spin up a node to help pin, how would they be compensated? How would you prove a provider is really storing the data?

Not there yet, but we have implemented in a way so that people would be able to join our protocol freely and earn credits/tokens for their contributions. The goal is to enable an open and distributed “gateway”, that could allow you to retrieve and pin data.

We are still in very early testing phase, there are many security and verifiability challenges we need to tackle before we could release the “node” to the public.

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