Place downloaded (or cached) files directly to filestore

I’d want some rsync-like file replication on top of IPFS. filestore feature is definitely part of the solution.
Yet I can’t figure out how to fetch/download files directly to filestore.
Yes, I imagine I could get file, store it, then GC then re-add the file but this is weird.
Is there a sane way to do that?

Wait, what do you mean? If you want the filestore, you’re putting the files into some part of the filesystem you control. So doing rsync … foo/. && ipfs add -r --nocopy foo should not be a problem? You don’t mean mfs (ipfs files) by any chance?

For content replication, you may want to have a look at IPFS Cluster

The idea here is:
if I do ipfs get /ipfs/Qm.../readme then ipfs gets the file into .ipfs/blocks and puts the requested file in the current folder.
This is double of space of the file.
I’d prefer an option that: ipfs get --OPTION /ipfs/Qm.../readme would land the file and add it as filestore piece without spoiling .ipfs/blocks with the full file volume (virtually ipfs add --nocopy FILE).

I’m about to create an FR in the issue tracker on this.

Ah. I believe that has been requested before. I think the reason that got relatively low priority is that ipfs get + ipfs add --nocopy will indeed place the file in the repository and on disk, but the copy in the repository should be GCed away. More worrying is that the hash may not be the same after the ipfs add.

Seems I have good google fu today.

Indeed, thanks a lot. I’m new guy in town.