Possible IPFS implementation with Augmented reality?

It would be interesting to see if IPFS can be used with AR. Let’s say AR layers animations onto the real world through special glasses. You could download the animations from a server onto your smartphone that acts as a local storage. The phone sends the animations to the glasses. If someone else wants to use the same animations, you would seed it to their phone as a peer, which is faster than downloading it from the server you used. They would act as a peer for someone else who wants to use the animations.

Are there any future IPFS uses you are looking forward to?

i don’t understand your propal. Do you want try to use IPFS for your VR project ?

Sorry for being unclear. I was assuming that with augmented reality the holograms will be downloaded via wifi. every time you put on the AR glasses you have to connect it to wifi to see the holograms. If everyone is visiting the same website to get holograms then it would slow things down. I was wondering if IPFS would help speed this process, maybe one person downloads holograms from the website and seeds it to others

I know that some people have experimented with using JanusVR / JanusWeb. There is a writeup and some demos of this working here: https://hackaday.io/project/5077-metaverse-lab/log/36232-the-wired

Makes a lot of sense, as you could download assets from your closest peer rather than a central download server. Also makes offline metaverse possible without much extra effort.

Thanks, this looks interesting. I’ll keep an eye on it.

Interesting… did anything come of this?