POT+mobile mining+IPFS=forum++

The team is already working on creating a decentralized forum on IPFS. The structure of the forum will not be limited, and each participant can create their own branch of the forum, but this requires Tau coins https://github.com/Tau-Coin, which are mined using the POT (Proof-of-Transaction) algorithm. The blockchain will be fully translated into IPFS, now we are working in test mode on a single IPFS node.
The question is this. How to lower the entry threshold of new members if the stated requirements of Android 8.+ 2GB RAM.

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I’m sorry but that really sounds like blockchain bullshit :

  • First user don’t like paying for each actions (see how cryptokities loss when gas price exploded)
  • Blockchain take space (you can aim an partialy centralised network like ethereum but that not a very good idea).
  • Blockchain don’t scale or scale very badly, if there is more people trying to use the blockchain can provide, you just have to wait, wich is not very good.

I really think you should use pubsub, its scalable, free, don’t take space.

The only thing blockchain have is proof of time, its very very hard (for big blockchain) to backdate somethings, while this is crazy simple with pubsub (pubsub doesn’t have any protection about that), but for a forum that not very important.

Ну что я могу вам сказать по этому поводу.
Я вас услышал)


“In TAUcoin, mobile mining is defined as a hashing process on combined blockchain history and miner public key associated with transactions recorded on chain. It shares the same nature in bitcoin hashing, but mining power is generated from the transaction history rather than chips hashing strength or staking coins. This is a new consensus in exploration and still early to see its full potential. However, the experimental facts collected so far proves that it consumes insignificant computation and bandwidth. Proof of transaction(POT) mobile mining according the white paper is able to establish internal transaction market for all participants by including three types of block rewards. The needs of mobile mining derive from the lack of infrastructure in most part of the developing world and urgent needs of un-banked population. This is the “first contact” for those population to feel permission-less banking and trust-less verification experience at the same time through POT crypto currency.”

Now, in addition to the above details, check out the following Reddits may help you figure out the direction of TAU team when integrating their chain with IPFS.

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