Privacy issues regarding IPFS

I already know that IPFS cannot achieve anonymity. My question is: Will IPFS leak the publisher’s real IP address? If so, how exactly was it done? I couldn’t find a detailed method to obtain the publisher’s IP address in the forum

Hello there.

This question have different connotation and consequences depending on why you are asking or what you are trying to do.

By design - and how the internet (“Web 2.0”) works - for every DNS domain you will always have an IP resolution. So by saying “IPFS leak the publisher’s real IP address”, every web server on the world does that, and so yes, IPFS does that too - and you can find in documentation how you track an IPLD content to all IPFS nodes hosting specific content. Without it, it wouldn’t resolve (and therefore didn’t work).

If you need anonymity, you will need to take your own steps and respect the law in your country - including the content you are hosting.

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IPFS is not anonymous and will expose your IP address.

When you run a Kubo node, your IP address will be detected with the help of libp2p protocols (identify, autonat etc), and then “published” to the Amino DHT as part of the peer records which map your PeerID to IP addresses.