Private cluster with selective replication

I am looking at setting up private IPFS network across region (US-UK) with persistent store. Can I validate my understanding from what I read?

  1. Create our custom pinning service according to [1]

  2. Monitor the storage space of the underlying persistent service, with ipfs-cluster metrics, such as disk:metric_type and disk:reposize using Prometheus [2], and add new IPFS nodes by joining the ipfs-cluster [3]

  3. Create our ipfs nodes with swarm_key for our private network

  4. Create one global cluster, with IPFS nodes from both US and UK, and uses --allocation [4].
    Question: how do I configure tag:region for the ipfs-cluster to allocate_by [5], so that we can configure what pinset to be replicated to each region? I don’t see any of the tags configurations in the IPFS node [6].

Thanks in advance for all the guidance!

1: Work with pinning services | IPFS Docs
2: How to expose all Prometheus metrics?
3: Joining a collaborative cluster - Pinset orchestration for IPFS
4: Is there any provision to choose ipfs-cluster peer for content replication? - #2 by hector
5: Adding and pinning - Pinset orchestration for IPFS
6: kubo/ at master · ipfs/kubo · GitHub

If you configure cluster’s service.json like:

  "informer": {
    "disk": {
      "metric_ttl": "5m",
      "metric_type": "freespace"
    "tags": {
      "metric_ttl": "5m",
      "tags": {"dc": "<SET_TO_NODE'S_DATACENTER>"}
    "pinqueue": {
      "metric_ttl": "5m",
      "weight_bucket_size": 100000
  "allocator": {
    "balanced": {
      "allocate_by": ["tag:dc", "pinqueue", "freespace"]

Then pins will be distributed in a balanced fashion among different DCs.

The allocation process is explained here: Adding and pinning - Pinset orchestration for IPFS