Private ipfs / ipns?


i’m building a CMS with image and possibly video upload capability, which has to sync files via FTP as well (to push them from home servers behind ADSL lines to ISP server space)…

i’m using couchdb to store JSON and HTML, and would like to use ipfs (or ipns) to store files.
couchdb supports clusters of clusters of nodes, and i’m modeling my CMS (PHP+JS) to suit that.

this CMS of mine is intended to keep initial website costs as low as possible (hence the FTP-ing to ISP hosting space), but since anyone can install my CMS to run a website with, i’d like to keep the data on the home server(s) private.
can i safely assume you’ve thought of this? :slight_smile:

it would be good if the answer to this could end up in the docs.