Hi! I have a question if you are so kind. I want to create a private network, but I don’t know how you name it. Because I search for private and nothing comes up. I have seen 3 tutorials and I confused everything! And now I want to uninstall it to try it again, and I don’t know how to delete it either and have a fresh start! Thanks!

Happy to help. If you want a fresh start delete your IPFS directory. By default that’s ~/.ipfs or if you set the environment variable IPFS_PATH it’s wherever that points to. That will get you back to the beginning.

Setting up a private network doesn’t take too many steps. You’ll need to generate a private swarm key and make that available to IPFS. Then share that key with any other nodes that you’d like to be in the private swarm. Once you use that key your node will only talk to other nodes that have that key. Since that’s the case it won’t be able to talk to the bootstrap nodes so you’ll have to configure it to use a node that’s in your private network for that.

Rather than repeat the info in the tutorials you reference, can you provide some details on what exactly you tried and what went wrong?