Problem reaching a cluster peer through the REST API


I am trying to build a web interface that would add files to IPFS through my IPFS Cluster network.
To do so, I know I should try to reach the cluster by reaching /ip4/anyClusterPeerIpAddress/tcp/9094 or via port 9095.

To test if I can first reach one peer via an other peer’s CLI running ipfs-cluster-ctl -l.
The issue I have doing so, is that whatever peer I try to reach from whatever other peer, I get a connection timeout code 0 error:

An error occurred:
  Code: 0
  Message: Get "http://clusterPeerIp:9094/peers": dial tcp clusterPeerIp:9094: i/o timeout

My webdev also tried to reach every peer from our web app using but for every request sent, we got an empty response, as if the server could not be reached or was sending back nothing.

I have tried many thing with firewalls to make sure the ports were open(which they already should be, as the peers have no trouble reaching eachothers via the 9096 port),
I have also tried to edit the service.json to allow API requests from any IP:

  "api": {
      "ipfsproxy": {
          "listen_multiaddress": "/ip4/",
          "node_multiaddress": "/ip4/",
"restapi": {
    "http_listen_multiaddress": "/ip4/",

But still no success. If anyone has any ideas of what might be going wrong, I’m open to any suggestions!

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Your configuration seems correct.

An i/o timeout usually means your firewall/router/something is indeed filtering traffic from or to that port. If you can talk to it locally but not from a different location on the network that is a pretty clear signal.

I just checked and I can indeed make ipfs-cluster-ctl -l work between two cluster peers operating under the same local internet network (though on 2 different machines).

There might be some extra step I have not done yet, like maybe port forwarding(though I tried) or something of that fashion. I’m kinda stuck here I admit lol

Finally made it work, problem was coming from 2 layers of firewall from my VPS provider that were messing with each others. If anyone encouters the same problem, don’t forget to ask your provider if they have a master firewall lol