Production ready IPFS

Any idea on when will be IPFS is ready to be production. We are planning to implement react app with IPFS and OrbitDB.

would say it’s already production ready. there’s cool tools like that can make it easy to deploy a react app

It’s unlikely IPFS will have a production ready client until at least the end of the year. There’s numerous issues that make existing implementations like go-ipfs unfeasible at any significant scale. That being said its certainly usable for things like react apps and tools like Terminal make it much easier to build your websites.

However if you want to use IPFS to store terabytes/petabytes of data, archive entire datasets like the human genome, emails, etc… go-ipfs and js-ipfs will be entirely unacceptable for such scale, and performance will go down the drain fast. We did some benchmarks linked below that measured when a go-ipfs node stores 1TB of data at the default 256KB chunk-size, there is a 50% reduction in pinning performance. And that’s just with 1TB of data, you can only imagine the performance impacts if you start storing 10TB, 100TB, 1PB, etc…

My company and I ran into the problem of needing a production ready IPFS client which lead us to develop TemporalX. When we initially released v1 we did a benchmark between TemporalX and go-ipfs with insanely good results. Performance is consistent across all sizes of data sets, and performance is anywhere from 7x-10x that of go-ipfs nodes under the exact same conditions. Performance consistently improves and we have public benchmarks updated every release, and thorough documentation.

We use it in a supplychain we’re writing, as well as building all our new tools with it. We can accomplish things like an S3 API for IPFS :open_mouth: only because of TemporalX