Pubsub ls on same network


I’m using ipfs pubsub for devices which are under same AP network.
I have expected ipfs pubsub ls command show all the subscribing topics under same network,
but it only shows topics that currently subscribed for the device itself.

I’m not sure this is normal behavior.
If ipfs pubsub ls shows only current device’s subscribing channels,
is there workaorund way to get all subsucbing channel of same AP ?

That’s correct. There’s no way to enumerate all topics on the network just as there’s no way to list all files available on the network.

What’s your usecase?

@stebalien, thank you for reply,
I’d like just make pubsub topic manager for the same AP :confused:

Ensuring that everyone that joins the topics are on the same AP may be tricky. Out of curiosity, why do you need them to be on the same AP? There may be alternative solutions.

What about if you have all of your clients subscribe to a pubsub channel based on the name of the AP (or AP mac address, etc). Then use pubsub messages on the AP’s topic to synchronize which additional channels each individual node should sub to.

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