Quadrable multiversion DB

I just came across the Quadrable database and I’m still making my way through what it is but I thought I’d post it here because of the striking similarities with IPFS. I have no idea if there are any possible integration points with IPFS so maybe it’s just a curiosity but it’s definitely interesting.

I’d love to her what people think.


Based on the description alone on GitHub, I think you’re right in some respects, although of course with IPFS you also have aspects of Torrenting built in, plus there’s the spin off libp2p API from earlier versions of IPFS which is now standalone so you can build your own decentralised applications.

I don’t profess to be any kind of expert on this, far from it, but one thing I would like to develop utilising these technologies is a story writing & telling engine of a very specific design, which would become a precursor to a much broader vision for a generic project collaboration development & resource allocation framework, which is designed to fit into my vision for a set of strategies structures and systems for non-species-biased, non-property/trade/currency-based, and non-hierarchical (aka anarchic) justice economics & politics, which is the culmination of an academic obsession of mine dating back to questions I started asking in my teens in the 1980s, about creating an ecologically and socially friendly and sustainable civilisation, which later came to be based on the quantification of ecological & social justice & sustainability via the principles of ecological systems modelling & thermodynamics, stored in another development of mine, which is a specialised blockchain architecture ( nothing to do with cryptocurrency or NFTs ), with its own special hashing algorithms and proof mechanism, which during transition ties into profit sharing via an ethical investment fund and a kind of legal Trust structure, such that nobody is a direct or permanent shareholder in anything ( not even myself ), and nobody has any negotiation leverage to get more than their fair share out of anything – ie: no permanent investor parasites living off workers efforts skills and knowledge – nor does anyone get less, because all profit distribution is according to the principles of ecological systems modelling & thermodynamics measuring calculating and estimating the beneficial and deleterious ecological and social consequences of all actions and interactions from a non-species-biased perspective, and in real scientific units of measurement ( as opposed to currency ).

I know that’s a lot to wrap your brain around, but that’s what I want to do with these technologies … but I’ve been working predominantly unfunded and solo, so it’s been very slow going to go from conceptual development to actually being able to build and test any prototype components