Questions about enabling Coral DSHT for IPFS

Hi, this is Justin from ETRI, South Korea.

I am interested in IPFS and its potential.
Let me ask you a question about IPFS.

I read the white paper (IPFS-content addressed, versioned, P2P file system) and wondered about the status
of Coral DSHT adoption and the future plans (adopting Coral DSHT into IPFS).

I am asking this because IPFS seems it is only based on Kamelia only as for now.
However, we don’t know whether or not Protocol Labs or other people are working on it or not.
We are a group of government-funded researchers and interested in making contributions to IPFS.

Please let me know the details.
You can reply here or tell me whom to contact.

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I think the best way to get in touch with the team would be to email Some of the Protocol Labs folks drop into threads on this forum every once in.a while, but I don’t know how closely it’s monitored.

I found a couple of of threads (here and here) talking about future plans to incorporate some of the features of coral, but they’re from a while ago and I couldn’t find anything more recent.