Questions about using ipfs-core for an application


I was hoping I could get some answers to some questions I have about the ipfs-core module.

  • If I pin some data to a users node, and they clear their browsers data, does that mean the data will eventually be lost? Is there anyway to prevent this from happening.

  • Does the node have throttling to prevent multiple additions to the ipfs? As the node slows down siginificantly if I try to make more than a request or two at a time.
    I would just like to make sure this is a feature of the node and not something else.

  • Is there a way to prevent a lock from being made, as I would like users to be able to access the node from multiple tabs if they desire.

Thank you for taking the time to read these, I would appreciate any input!

You could back the data up to a service like (it’s free, could allow the user to input their API key if they want their data to be more persistent).

I don’t think it has any special throttling, I believe it’ll use whatever resources it has available.

No as that’d cause race conditions which would destroy the database. It sounds like a fair use-case though, just not something that can be accomplished from a browser node. If you were connecting to a Kubo node though, then multiple tabs could access Kubo’s HTTP API.

I hope that helps :pray: