Quick question about backing up IPNS key?

Hello, I understand that it’s possible to have the entire .ipfs folder backed up to do this. Was just wondering if I can go without the “blocks” folder just to back up the IPNS key? The blocks are growing quite a bit in my .ipfs folder.

Any feedback would be much appreciated thank you!!

Use the ipfs key export command, it’ll work for everything except for your identity key and that one lives in the config file

Thank you for the feedback Adin. I just tried “ipfs key export”, and it’s been “reading from /dev/stdin;” for a while now…

Could someone just tell me exactly which files are needed so that in case I need to move to another PC, IPNS will publish the same key? Is it just the config file? Thanks.

(This would save me from having to change the link to the domain.) *Editted for spelling errors.

You will need to specify the name of the key to be exported (i.e. ipfs key export my_extra_key) and the ipfs node must not be running (it will give you an error if you try). Unless you specify another filename with --output=<filename> the key will be written to <key name>.key.