Restrict communication nodes


i want to use IPFS in a first IoT project, i use Python as programming language. My question now is, can I determine which nodes are allowed to exchange data? The system should work in a closed / protected network and only certain nodes are allowed to exchange data with each other.

Many thanks for the help

I think IPFS private networks might do what you’re looking for.

Thanks, so I need to setup an own boostrap node (or multiple) in the network, create the secret key and so I can use a private network.The feature is labeled as “experimental”, but based on the Github page the coding should be “finalized” but only the testing on real project is missing, so I think it should be worked in a stable way

Yeah, it sounds like you have it. I’ve heard of multiple people using it without issues.

Note that there’s nothing really special about the bootstrap nodes besides that the other nodes have them specified as such so they connect to them on startup.