Signing public data with dag-jose

Hi all,

I was just trying to get my mind wrapped around the work on dag-jose. It seems emphasis is on storing and signing encrypted data on IPFS. However, what if we want to store and sign public data on IPFS?

The use case is a public knowledge base on IPFS, like wikipedia, but linked up with semantic types on IPLD. We want to keep the data public, but we want to sign the content with a trusted identity.

Any thoughts on the “state of the art” for this problem?

I have a massive platform upon which a system like this could be built ( The important thing here is that the signatures database itself can be a completely separate network/platform/database from the actual “data”.

For example if I do a crypto signature that contains just the CID (not the data) then that means I’m “signing off on” that content. Doesn’t even need to matter whether the CID being referenced in the signature input is encrypted or not.

I googled “IPFS Notary Public” and found this:

But i’m not sure if you’re doing this as part of a “legal” (law practice) project or not.