Simple writable webpage on IPFS

I wrote a simple way to post webpage on IPFS (using the go-ipfs HTTP API)…

page located at

Nothing fancy more like a educational experiment !
it require your API node to allow the origin
(so no change required if you access the page from your localhost)

demo: gist:80f8328d8de7ff8cc15942fa2dc637be



Nice little exercise. Thanks for sharing it. You could also spin up an entire IPFS instance in the browser and make it totally self-contained too right? That would be cool.

Also would be a neat low tech way to do secure messaging of a ‘one time’ message where you’d use RSA PKE, and encrypt the message with someone elses public key before saving, so that you can send them the CID (link) over a non-secure channel (email, etc) and they would be the only one able to view the content. Let me know if you do that, and I can point you to my encryption code where I do that kind of E2EE. :slight_smile:

@wclayf, the problem I have with browser instance is “network isolation” and lack of easy access to DHT
this is a real problem for P2P adoption… (wss need nginx front, webrtc-star etc… I feel it is still hard to connect both world go-ipfs <-> js-ipfs )

I welcome guidance here from the team and community
+Michel (aka Dr. IT)

would it be very similar to what does, wouldn’t it ?
with a public key instead of a AES key

let’s do it !
I am also working on making chain of signatures public for “legal” documents signing and proof of authenticity something like this to-whom-t-may-concern.html
a sort of self-notary service. (as I need it for my administrative paperwork !)

Here’s my PKE stuff if you want some ideas and/or examples in TypeScript: