Starting Question (cli files vs webapp files)

Hello everyone,

I’m just getting started with IPFS and had a few questions, although I’ll just start with the first one for now.

If I had a file using the UI, I can see the hash doing:

ipfs refs local

But I can not see it if I do:

ipfs pin ls

Just as if I add a file from the command line, which I think I read pins it by default, it doesn’t now show in the UI under files as a file being shared.

How come these are disconnected? Are the files for the UI going somewhere else other than my normal repo?

Thank you,


You can find the explanation from developer here:

ipfs refs local list all objects (unpins object, the block of a object, pin DAG ) in blocks folder, its numbers equal the blocks folder’s files.

ipfs pin ls list all the pined objects (object DAG top hash), so its number smaller than refs.

There is an example about them with a new IPFS node, ipfs refs local list hash is the pin DAG block storage.