Storage community

Hello there!

I wanted to try out IPFS and came up with this Storage Community idea. For this to take off, it would be nice if someone would actually try out the tutorial, insert some pictures or discuss with me what ideas are good ones and which ones are not so good. I thought about the architecture, but I rely on others to see whether the whole Storage Community idea works out or not.

The entry should be at
and should be pointing to

I thought hard about the 12h limit for IPNS and thought about introducing this Infrastructure interest group. This way, the top hash is protected and it is still possible for a team to keep up the IPNS lease. Don’t rely on the verification part too much, as I’m exploring it atm.

If nothing works, the packaged file should help: http://localhost:8080/ipfs/zDMZof1kqa3EQ3F6HkUQ47jUKTvRucfP3GUyENj2iDgBZ3q6uNap

So, I hope I inspired someone and remain curious about your feedback :grinning: