Store a DHT on IPFS

Good morning,
I’ll start by saying that I’m new to IPFS and I haven’t started diving too deep into it, I just read the white paper and some topics on this forum and I have a question.
I would like to start a project, a DApp that runs on the Ethereum blockchain but has some content stored on IPFS. My idea was to have the “one-page” front-end on IPFS but not only, also a distributed hash table containing some fundamental “look-up” information. I have no problem in understanding how to deploy the front-end on IPFS, but I’m a little concerned about the hash table. My question is, this hash table would contain important information about the user that sign up into the system, it should be append only and readable for everyone (hash of an address; public key). But if this gets lost all the public keys of the users would be lost with it, how can I assure to have this object persistent on the IPFS network? Is it correct that nodes that store the data will not be able to modify the content of it in anyhow?
I decided to use IPFS because is impractical to store everything on the ethereum blockchain, but a combination of the two would be the best solution for what I would like to do. If you have any kind of suggestion or issues with this kind of design that you may be aware of that I’m not please let me know, I’m open to advice.
Thank you in advance

Currently there’s no real way. This is the purpose of Filecoin as an incentive layer — in theory you’d pay and miners would gladly pin your DHT (more like a “HT”?).

Today I run my own IPFS node and pin my own files in order to keep them available, and back them up to S3 just in case. Not great

There’s a few services around now that allow paying to have a file pinned, but I haven’t used them

Thank you for your answer, ( yes is more like a simple Hash Table the one I wanted to keep on IPFS).
Summarizing, my only option for now is to create a service to pin the HT in order to keep it “alive”, but still better to have also a backup of it since there is no way to ensure persistence using only IPFS network?