Streaming API for IPFS write?


IPFS newbie here. I’ve searched the git documentation, etc., but need some pointers.

Is there an IPFS API that supports stream writes to IPFS? I know that a whole file can be added through the IPFS API, but I have a need to open an IPFS file and write blocks of data as they become available. This is pretty easy to do in most high level languages, but I don’t see how to do this for IPFS files. Any help and pointers would be appreciated!

AFAIK, an append operation to write to an existing unixfs file has not been implemented.

Thank you! I was afraid that would be the answer. We will find a way to work around this.

it exists in the mfs of Kubo, ipfs files write do it, but it’s very slow because the MFS codebase isn’t good.

Thanks. For various reasons we can’t use mfs. Appreciate your thoughts.

If you found the way, please share, thanks.