Subdomain CNAME linked to an IPFS CID with HTTPS?

Hi !

As this tutorial:

I created a subdomain linked to an IPFS CID by DNS CNAME and TXT.
All is ok if I access to the subdomain url with “http” protocol, but dont work if I try with the “https”.

The domain of subdomain has a Lets encryptcertificate and works resolve to “https”.
Why the subdomain dont work securelly with “https” access ?


Do you run your own gateway or do you use a public one?
If running your own, does it have a tls cert for your subdomain?

I am used the document gateway not mine

I think that use a gateway in my server is the same that host files in my server if my server is hacked…

The point is, the gateway you are using must have a tls cert for your subdomain, or you can’t use https with it.

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Do you know any service for it?
Thank you ylempereur

I use Fleek for my sites, but there are several others that do similar things as well.

Thank you ylempereur