Subdomain gateway's awareness of content-addressed relative URLs

Hi fellas, I am curious about the following. Can you kindly comment!

Refer to the TIP here. It advises the use of relative URLs that include content-addressed paths, e.g. /ipfs/QmNrgEMcUygbKzZeZgYFosdd27VE9KnWbyUD73bKZJ3bGi. The paragraph above that TIP reads:

Tools and browser extensions should detect IPFS content paths and resolve them directly over IPFS protocol.

So, a webpage author should be able to put content-addressed relative URLs without any worry.

I naturally assumed that this would work alright for the existing IPFS gateways. So, went to this static website at /ipns/ using the recommended subdomain gateway: It redirects to, as expected, and the page loads perfectly.

Now, to mimic clicking a content-addressed relative URL on this page, I tried this link: In the spirit of the above quote, I was hoping to be served the IPFS-content at /ipfs/QmNrgEMcUygbKzZeZgYFosdd27VE9KnWbyUD73bKZJ3bGi (which actually exists btw). But it just spit out

ipfs resolve -r /ipns/ no link named “ipfs” under QmfL5Lx8qJycaKnVJSUwvDjzVMVuJ5rYTg9WsNWhSqXwKZ

…meaning the gateway is not aware of content-addressed paths! That means, even when linking to content addressed paths, a site author has to make sure the website directory contains those files at path=/ipfs/<CID>, with filename=<CID>. How can this make sense :confused:

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