Support for Ipfs on mobile devices

I want to know about

a) What is the current stage of support for Ipfs on mobile devices? Is it supported for both Android and Apple right now?

b) How feasible is to run an Ipfs node on a mobile device? Does it drains the battery too much when the node is run for a long time?

c) What is the priority of supporting Ipfs on mobile devices with respect to development on a scale from 1-10?


hi vasa-develop,

a) in my knowledge for the moment we have one project on mobile [Android] but sometimes some guys talk on this discuss about so check threads.

b) i don’t know maybe ligi can be helped on that

c) maybe you can check market about that


@josselinchevalay Thanks for your reply.

I actually checked it out a while ago. But at that time it drained a lot of battery.

I will checkout the threads and contact ligi.