This is Pyramids!

Hello World!

After almost a year of quite lonely working, I am happy to announce my IPFS based prototype for document registrations and identity management:

I know, it is still very nerdy and the unique value proposition is not obvious. But any feedback will be welcome and will help me on to find out if this can be useful one day.

  • What can it do? Loading the page dynamically creates crypto key pairs! Their public parts can be uploaded to IPFS. The IPFS hashes can then be registered in a stellar transaction.

  • Secondly, documents can be encrypted browser side and then uploaded to IPFS. Their hash values can be registered in a stellar transaction.

Lots of potential use cases, I know. And lots of question marks, I know …


You should submit this to

P.s., please get rid of the flashing :dizzy_face:.

I love this! Stellar was on my short list of interesting blockchain projects. You just solved a problem I have wanted to solve.

Thanks for your replies! You already helped! – Will get rid of the blinking ASAP. I have a permanent address now: And here is github: