Try go-ipld-eth

Hello, everyone ^^

I have been looking at the subject of IPLD and I think go-ipld-eth is a very good idea. Unfortunately, I got some errors following the instructions. Have any one tested it already?

Thanks for giving me any advice.

Cheers ^^

Hey, glad you tried it.

Unfortunately, “got some errors” isn’t very helpful… Mind explaining what you tried and what went wrong?

Good to know @stebalien

I am working on a MacBook, ran got some errors.

I will test on Ubuntu .

Ah. Actually, it looks like you missed a step (technically documented but not very obvious or explicit). You need to call gx-go rw and then gx install --global in the go-ipld-eth source root. We use gx for dependency management in go.

Thanks @stebalien

My bad I missed some steps.