Try to build a decentralized Live Streaming Web3 site

I’ve try to build a totally decentralized live streaming website. I want to find some people interesting at that to build more in future. The prototype site is come out here: . SSL cert has been expired, you should trust it in chrome for work-through.


Cool project! I’ve done something similar. Check out

Maybe we could exchange notes. :smiley:

My “Live Streaming” is implemented by HLS stored on IPFS, and publish the m3u8 content to the ipfs network. I seen you can implement the Live Streaming. How do you implement that based on IPFS?

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What you describe is what I started with, then I’ve built a IPLD stucture similar to the HLS manifest. I use Pubsub to publish the CID of the latest video segment.

Once done, the stream is represented by the root CID of the DAG, making it easy to pin or replay.

I also linked all the chat messages to the video segments so that the chat can be replayed as well.

That’s cool. I think if you finished it , i can migrate the protocol on that.

But, I encounter the latency and some node discover problem. How about yours?

That’s an IPFS problem nothing we can do anything about.

Latency will always be higher since you most likely won’t be connected to the source.

As for discovery, it would be harder for small stream (less people to connect to) and easy for large ones.

That’s how -1 scaling works in theory…