Unable to reach own public gateway over 8080

I am trying to prepare public IPFS gateway. Installed IPFS on cloud VPS
I have uploaded a test.txt file on VPS node using webUI. I can see locally uploaded files using other public gateways like cloudflare-ipfs.com (https://cloudflare-ipfs.com/ipfs/QmHashOfTheFile?file=text.txt) But unable to reach that file using VPS’s ip address viz. http://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:8080/ipfs/QmHashOfTheFile?file=text.txt
Am I missing something?
I have already opened port 4001 and 8080 and I have re-confirmed it.

Edit 1 -
Taken a tcpdump on VPS’s port 8080 while making a CURL request from remote client system. Following was the situation.

tcpdump on gateway system

@hector @ipfsme
Any suggestion here?

what error do you get?

Unable to reach this gateway from remote client at port 8080.

That usually means port is not open to the outside or server cannot respond to client because firewall etc…

I have attached the tcpdump from vps in my previous replies. It shows vps is getting traffic on port 8080. It means port is open.

Is there any other port to open on firewall?
4001 and 8080 both are already open.

Have you checked that the gateway is listening on ? By default it listens on which cannot be contacted remotely. This is in the ipfs config.

Yes. See the webui status screenshot.

Not just 4001 and 8080, I had to enable icmp ping from firewall too to make the gateway reachable.
Now working fine.