Use IPFS CID Deployment, host an Uniswap for myself

Recently, 4EVERLAND launched IPFS CID deployment, enabling developers to copy IPFS CIDs and deploy them with 4EVERLAND in one click.

  1. One-click deployment, no need to go through Github Repo, just need to know the CID.
  2. One-click cross-platform deployment of the project to Arweave or ICP.
  3. Know the IPFS CID and bind DNS, ENS, SNS via 4EVERLAND for easy access.

Quick tutorial

Start 4EVERLAND Hosting and select ‘From IPFS Path’ in the new project.

Enter the IPFS CID of the target project and name the project.

Select the decentralised platform to be deployed and click “Deploy”. Here is an example of the CIDv1 publicised by Uniswap, for details: Release Release v4.171.4 · Uniswap/interface · GitHub

Confirm that the project is deployed successfully, and click “View Detail” if you still want to bind DNS.

Select ‘Settings’, find ‘Domains’ and follow the steps required to configure your Domain Name System.

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