Using Brave Browser's IPFS node from command line

I recently install and am using the Brave browser’s ipfs capability. It works well under the browser. I can enter ipfs://whatever and get the file I’m looking for.

Since Brave is running IPFS locally on my machine (I selected that option the first time I opened a file), I wonder if it would be possible to use IPFS on my command line.

I found the running ipfs node (in ~/Library/Application Support/BraveSoftware/Brave-Browser/nljcddpbnaianmglkpkneakjaapinabi/1.0.3/go-ipfs_v0.7.0_darwin-amd64) and perhaps I can just point my IPFS_PATH to some folder?

When I try ipfs get whatever from my command line, it says my IPFS repo is not initalized.

Any ideas?

Make sure you set the IPFS_PATH variable in your current terminal session:

export IPFS_PATH=/path/to/ipfsrepo

And check it…


Make sure your ipfs binary is the same version as the Brave IPFS node’s daemon … 0.7.0

If your OS installed ipfs binary doesn’t match, the repo versions may not match and ipfs may complain.

I had no issues interacting with the Brave IPFS node manually using the CLI. However, it’s also possible to interact with the webui…

Use ipfs --api <brave_host>. Information of the brave host endpoint is in about:ipfs in the browser.