Using IPFS for 301 redirect?

Hello, I’m sorry for not really understand how IPFS works in its entirety. I was thinking of IPFS in the Bittorrent context for trackers and web-seeding URLs. Is it an appropriate technology to use ipfs “URLs” (?) that acts as proxy for the final URL? The URL could change over time. The tracker URL and port may change. The web seeding URL for the torrent content may change over time.

I think the thing you’re seeking is IPNS, which allows you to mint stable “names” that you can update to point to new values over time. The info on IPNS is a bit scattered. Start with

It’s also discussed in the IPFS whitepaper.

No. An IPFS hash is more like a torrent infohash, except the files stored within are single-file torrents with a fixed piece size.
You can use IPFS+IPNS to redirect to a regular web page if that’s what you mean, just create a blank HTML page with a meta redirect tag.