Using IPFS to stream audio/video in the browser?

I’m completely new to coding with IPFS, but I’m thinking of basing media (audio/video) streaming in my web app around it. Conceptually I’m thinking of making media players similar to Bandcamp (for audio) and Vimeo (for video). I’m not sure where to start as I also lack experience with implementing media streaming, although I’m a veteran when it comes to web development.

Could someone please help me out with some pointers to help me understand how I might implement media streaming in the browser? I don’t have to base the streaming off IPFS per se, but I hear it could be helpful in distributing the bandwidth load and I’d also be interested in acquainting myself with the tech.


There is an example for video:
I might be wrong, but i think if you use an html5 player (or a box player like mplayer), then your node might actually be fetching the blocks you need (seeking) for you.

edit: so i was wrong, you have to use a format that allow splitting the video chunks into different files so that ipfs can be leveraged when seeking

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Im saying that because i saw an presentation on video streaming - i cant get my hand on it right now - where seeking was working well and i remember he was just pointing at a file hash

edit: there it is:
neither of us searched correctly

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This looks great, thanks! I already investigated HLS and DASH, so it makes sense you can use IPFS as a backend for those.