What are 12D3KooW... peerIDs? How to parse this prefix? What really is a Radicle project?

I spotted in my swarm a lot of peerIDs starting with “12D3KooW”, instead of the usual “Qm”.

Q1: Is there a tool (online, preferably) where I can enter a peerID ant it tells me “this is a peer ID, the codec is this, the hashing algotithm is that, etc.”?

After a few research, 12D3KooW seems to be a prefix for Radicle projects. Radicle is a platform for code collaboration on top on IPFS.
Q2: How can a code project can also be an IPFS peer?

Peer IDs are not CIDs (yet, though they look the same). What you see are peer IDs from peers that use Ed25519 keys, instead of the (until now) RSA default.

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I found the tool I was looking for :slight_smile: : https://cid.ipfs.io/#12D3KooWD3eckifWpRn9wQpMG9R9hX3sD158z7EqHWmweQAJU5SA
(IMHO, it should be advertised for in the docs or ipfs.io)