What can be hosted on IPFS?

I am just trying IPFS for a week and I think I love it !!
I start to get used to that new way of accessing online data…

I succeed to host and share files between IPFS nodes. And serve it through one configured as a gateway with DNSLink method. Now, I would like to push the limits further and wonder what kind of application could be hosted on IPFS/DNSLink?

Any thick client (client side application) that get static files should be able to run?
Every client links should become “DNSLink Gateway” links…

Apps like:

Should be compatible?

As seen there: https://hacks.mozilla.org/2018/08/dweb-building-cooperation-and-trust-into-the-web-with-ipfs/
Will it be possible to add js-ipfs to App and be able to upload files to IPFS?

Yes. However, you’d still need to convince some other node to persist those files for you. This is why we’re currently working on Filecoin.

Check out https://peerpad.net/ for an example js-ipfs dapp.

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Thanks, I’ll give a try to peerpad… if I undestand well, communication layer between nodes is subpub protocol, provided by libp2p library?
Meantime, I found a list here: https://github.com/ipfs/awesome-ipfs

Hours of playing…