What happen if a certain node in the network got deleted ?

I am new in ipfs learning community but got struggled at a point that if a certain node owns some chunks of data in the decentrailized network and suddenly the node got deleted or destroyed due to some condition then what will happen to the network ? How the whole network will get that destroyed data or what will be effect on the network ?

If a node is the last node with data, and the node gets destroyed, the data is gone.

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What could be solution for that ?

Make sure it’s not the last node and replicate it which is usually done using a pinning service.

There seems to be a lot of confusion with this and IPFS. IPFS makes it very easy to replicate and share data but it doesn’t make you do anything. This makes sense because you wouldn’t want people to simply use all your storage space, compute and bandwidth.

If you host something on your node, it’s on your node. People can retrieve it by the hash from your node. If someone retrieves your data they aren’t required to make it available. Ipfs makes it easy to do but you don’t have to.

A pinning service is basically a node that you pay to be allowed to tell it what to do.

So you can rely on the good will of the network for free but it’s no guaraneee. If you want guarantees you’re going to have to either set up a second node yourself or pay someone else to do it.

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