What is the backup and redundancy mechanism? and I havent achieve p2p

1)I have run a private ipfs network with 5 node . And when i upload a file1 using " ipfs add " on node A , it only split and stored in node A. There isn’t any blocks of file1 on other node. But I have read the ipfs paper which said ipfs can split file to blocks and backup some of the blocks on other node. I’m confused.
2)About P2P, in my understanding, files( which more node has the file )will download faster than files (which several node has the file). In testing, when upload file1 on node A, and download file1 in node B、C、D one by one, the speed is almost the same. shouldn’t node D is the fastest?

IPFS is like BitTorrent. Files don’t get “pushed” out. They only get pulled in. So if a peer has never requested a file itself, then it won’t have parts of that file to share to any other peer either. But once parts DO appear on multiple different peers they WILL start being served up from there.

“file is divided into multiple blocks, and each block obtains a unique ID through hash operation, which is convenient for identification and deduplication in the network. Considering the transmission efficiency, there may be multiple copies of the same block, which are stored on different network nodes.” I have read this before, and is it wrong?

How are the five nodes orchestrated? Are they in a cluster or?

If the five nodes isomorphic are running independently of each other, i.e. not in a cluster, of course files stored in one node is only available at that node unless those files are requested via other nodes during which the requested files will get requested and transferred from that one node and cached for some time at the requested nodes.

in a cluster. execute “ipfs swarm peers” on any node , and will show other 4 node .

Being in the same swarm does not mean they are in a cluster. What I mean is if you are operating those five nodes with orchestration tool like https://cluster.ipfs.io/.

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And i have install ipfs-cluster. Files will have copies only when i run “ipfs-clister-ctl pin add ***”

Yes you have to use ipfs-cluster-ctl if you wanna add the files to all nodes. The ipfs command only controls the local node.

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got it. And have you test p2p? can you help me on my second question?