What is typical bandwidth use when having no pins

Hi, I have two servers running IPFS. One is remote and has port 4001 unblocked and accessible to the world. ‘Ipfs stats bw’ shows its consuming 2-3GB per day mostly receiving data very little sending.

My other server still has port 4001 blocked and it consumed about 100-250mb per day.

What is causing the bandwidth difference? Is 2-3GB per day typical with nothing being shared? I have confirmed local network discovery is turned off on both instances.

Depends, dht or dht-client ? (continuous speed (both way summed up))

  • dht ~1Mb/s ~250Kb/s (a bit less) (actually this seems pretty inconsistent, some of my nodes are more arround 200Kb/s, while one is at 1Mb/s)
  • dht-client ~25Kb/s (depends of your usage, may be lower)

You can see the difference between both here : Data can only be found in IPFS after the server has been restarted - #5 by Jorropo

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