Why is IPFS using so much bandwidth when I'm not fetching or hosting content?

Why is ipfs using all this bandwidth?

For the sake of science I unpinned and garbage collected everything. So I am neither hosting nor fetching any content. I thought at first that it may just be due to DHT syncing but it’s been running for a few days now so I’m pretty sure that isn’t it. I don’t mind if my node is being used for general purpose caching and serving for the health of the network, I would be happy to provide that service, but I was under the impression that, particularly for legal reasons, nodes only host pinned content and nothing else. Can my nodes role in providing DHT services really account for THAT much bandwidth use? Basically, I’m just really confused. :sweat_smile:

How many peers are you connected to? I’ve noticed similar, and afaict it is all peer and DHT traffic (!)

‘Ipfs log tail’

It did eventually finally calm down. Now it’s averaging about 0.35mb/s down and 0.15mb/s up with the occasional spike. I think it really was that it just took my node several days to synced up. Which is sort of odd since ~/.ipfs is only 30M. Wouldn’t DHT records be kept in there?

Ah well I guess to really understand all this stuff I would have to get into the code.

Thanks for the tip with the ipfs log.