Ipfs incoming traffic is more than outgoing

Right now I’m hosting 6 GB of files, port 4001 tcp/udp has forwarded, and ~1500 peers are connected.
But i notice incoming traffic is higher than outgoing.

Is there any network issue in my node ?
My peer id is 12D3KooWCK7k2jT8d2v6ju7R7FzpQZFhJiR1NLjVUaWDV7daeYJj

Taking a wild guess here, 1500 peers is a substantial amount. That would generate a lot of dht announce trafic for the various dht & bitswap operations of the peers. If everything else seems to be working fine I would not worry about it.
If the bandwidth consumption is an issue you could try reducing the value of the watermarks in the config to prune more of the peer connections and try to reduce the peer count a little

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There is likely also a lot of bitswap traffic. That is, peers asking you for files you don’t have.