What's going on with the js-ipfs-http-client repo?

The js-ipfs-http-client repo and several others have been archived on GitHub:

Is there any informations to explain what’s going on and where the repo is ?

does anyone have an issue running "npm test " on js-ipfs-http-client repo ?

We’ve merged a few repos into the main js-ipfs repo to make it easier to coordinate releases, make and review pull requests, etc, since we noticed that in order to release a given feature, we’d frequently have to touch multiple repositories, all of which depend on each other, meaning they’re not really all that independent.

There’s a note at the top of the readme saying where further development is occurring, where people should open issues, etc.

Hopefully this will make contributing a bit more accessible.

There are more details here: https://github.com/ipfs/js-ipfs/issues/2877

@archibrain thanks for your feedback and explanations ?
1 - is there any thread to follow up about your migration on GitHub ?
2 - is there any impacts about the library delivery (npm, jsdelivr, …) ?
3 - What about the current opened issues ? Any plan to migrate them too ?

@xmaysonnave if you follow the link I posted to https://github.com/ipfs/js-ipfs/issues/2877 most of your questions have been answered.

  1. See the linked issue above
  2. No, each module is published independently under the same name so there should be no change here. In fact it’s now better because we are publishing RCs of every changed package whenever master changes. Previously RCs would have been full of GitHub URLs, now everything is published to npm under the next tag
  3. Yes, they’ve all been triaged and migrated. PRs are taking a bit longer though.