What's the current status of the IPStorm botnet?

So I came across this a while ago:

Is this still a problem?
Also: from what I understand it doesn’t affect a regular user, right?
It’s just a botnet that uses ipfs as it’s communication method instead of regular http servers?
So regular ipfs users that don’t have IPStorm installed won’t be affected by this?

Based on the Whitepaper at the end of the article, the size of the network is around 9000.

Based on the number of different IDs seen in a week, averaged over several weeks, we estimate the size of the botnet
at around 9,000 devices.

It is still active. But it is not a major threat. As always, keeping your machine up-to-date and following standard security practice should protect you.

It doesn’t affect more the js-ipfs or go-ipfs users than the rest of the population.

Yes. It is a malware that uses the IPFS technology. It is NOT a malware that threatens particularly IPFS users.